Every year 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted (FA0, 2017), or about a third of the food produced for human consumption. It is, arguably, one of the biggest factor affecting climate change, and one of the easiest things for the average consumer to reduce.

Imagine if every time you went to the supermarket, you threw a third of your trolley’s contents away. That’s what most of us are doing anyway, without realising it. The 2-for-1 offers or temptation lure us in and before we know it, the fridge is stocked with things we didn’t want anyway and inevitably a lot of the food we buy is wasted.

This website provides a platform where there are resources and recipes to help you reduce your food waste. Ultimately by reducing our own food waste we’ll be saving money each year and also helping the planet.

The name MAD Waste comes from the Danish word: mad, meaning food and also refers to the fact that the level of food waste is completely mad.


About me

Hi! My name is Josefine. I’m a 23 year old Danish girl with a severe passion for food and food waste – or rather the reduction of it.

My love for food started at the humble age of about 11 or 12, when I realised that if I wanted to eat the food I wanted, I’d have to cook it myself. The next thing I knew I’d watched every single cooking programme on Food Network and had taken over the reigns in the kitchen.

I then went on to study Geography at University of Bristol, where I had the opportunity to find out more about our relationship to food and animals. I also wrote my dissertation on food waste in Copenhagen and what we can learn from professional chefs about reducing food waste.

I finished my degree in 2012 and have since then been encouraged by the steps that have been taken towards reducing food waste. I get excited every time I go into a supermarket and look at the reduced aisle (there are so many deals!) and the focus that has been created on food waste in recent years.

I wanted to create a community of food waste reducers and create a platform where you can find out more, get good tips and share your own experiences of food waste reduction.

I am no saint on the subject myself and am also looking to get better, so I am open to all tips and suggestions.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey.

One thought on “About

  1. Dear Josefine,
    first of all congratulations for your website and your interest in food waste!
    I inform you that at link http://www.unabuonaoccasione.it/en you can find the project “Una Buona Occasione” against food waste.
    I also inform you that there is an app named “a good opportunity” (it’s a free app in AppStore or GooglePlay) where you can find news, tips and suggestions on how, where and how long you should store more than 500 different foods (both cooked and raw, prepackaged and loose, fresh or frozen), on which are the recommended servings, on how to reuse leftovers and scraps, on the seasonality availability of fruit and vegetables, on how to make a shopping list and many other things… maybe this app can help you in your work.

    Join us in social media Twitter (@1buonaoccasione) and Facebook (Una Buona Occasione).

    If you want to exchange information or best-practices about food waste/wastewater you can write me at e-mail info@unabuonaoccasione.it

    Have a good life, greetings.

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