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News: Free food in Denmark

The other day there was an article in a local Danish newspaper (–Rema-1000-bekaemper-madspild–Giver-frysevarer-vaek), which made me smile.

At one REMA 1000, a Danish supermarket chain, staff arrived at work and found that one of their freezers had stopped working overnight. Therefore they were suddenly stuck with about £2000 (20000DKK) worth of food, that couldn’t be kept.

However instead of throwing all the food away, they decided to give it away for free to their customers. What a fantastic thing to do!

Food waste rema1000 rema 1000 madspild free food giving away food
Photo credit: REMA 1000 Billund (

REMA 1000 are known for being conscious of food waste and have made it one of their top priorities to reduce the amount of food they throw away at the end of everyday. Each day they reduce food that’s about to go out of date, as well as selling all their freshly baked goods with 50% off after 20:00.

Hopefully it is a story that can reach other supermarkets, as this must happen once in a while. Of course the food has to be eaten on the day it was bought if it was partly defrosted, or at the latest the day after, but it is still perfectly fine to eat and yay that it wasn’t wasted!

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