Weekly food plan – 8/2-15/2

So for the past three weeks we’ve made food plans for the week ahead. It’s something I’ve also wanted to do, but I always get a bit lost in it all and then end up not following it. Do you have the same thing?

Recently we’ve somehow managed to stick to it, and we’re continuing to do it, so I thought I’d share what we’ll be having this week for dinner.

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The dinners are:
• Falafel wraps
• Peri-peri chicken wraps
• Burgers with French bean fries
• Moroccan chicken with couscous
• Sausage and cauliflower-broccoli mash
• Prawn stir-fry
• Salmon with veg and hollandaise

What I really enjoy about it is that it means a maximum of going to the supermarket twice a week: once for the big shop and then once halfway to stock up on vegetables. It’s also really nice at the end of the week that the fridge is actually empty. You can legitimately make the claim that: “we have no food”.

By planning the meals we also have a clear idea of the food that is actually in the fridge, which really helps reduce our food waste each week, because we’re not surprised when a half-rotten pepper shows its face.

Also I usually only plan dinner, because most of the time we’re eating the leftovers of that for lunch. Then of course there are some other stables like bread and milk that we get outside of that. All-in-all it’s quite successful (so far anyway!).

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